Changed Position

Changed Position in the permanent collection of Stockholm School of Economics

We had a lovely start on our week as we, together with a wonderful gathering of people, got to present a new art piece in our collection – Changed Position, which has been donated to the school by Mats Arnhög, MORE INFO >>

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Erna in the permanent collection of Fotografiska

Maria Friberg Erna 2 February — 17 March, 2016The evocative video piece Erna by Swedish artist Maria Friberg is the latest acquisition to Fotografiska’s permanent collection of photography and video art. The video piece is a tribute to Erna Hasselblad, MORE INFO >>

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Matador, large video projection 2016

Matador The silent monumental projection of Maria Friberg’s video Matador is otherworldly. Rays of light pierce water as a great vortex takes shape. One is quickly captivated by the spectral dance of drifting garments. In its current, we see a MORE INFO >>

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Distortion I

[Piles of dreams, Jan 28 – March13] Karlskrona Konsthall, Karlskrona

Hennes iscensättningar förmedlar berättelser om den moderna människans tillvaro i en värld i vilken vi definieras genom konsumtion, förförs av oändliga möjligheter och får behålla illusionen av makt. Dragana Vujanovic Curator, Hasselbladstiftelsen Blekinge Läns Tidning Sydöstran Sapir:Magasin Commersen

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[Piles of Dreams 8 Jan -21 Febr 2016] Norrtälje Konsthall

Maria Fribergs nya videoverk Matador visar kontrasten mellan människans civiliserade värld och naturens överväldigande krafter. I början av videoverket ser vi en klar vattensamling som på ytan rör sig i spiraler och formar djupa vågrörelser, samtidigt snurrar en kraftig virvelvind MORE INFO >>

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Piles of Dreams

[Piles of Dreams 2015]

The Piles of Dreams series circles the theme of Man’s ruthless exploitation of Planet Earth, but also proposes the notion that Mankind has the possibility to create something beautiful from chaos; something constant from the destructive agenda of our age. MORE INFO >>

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Days of Eyes

[Days of Eyes 2014]

Days of Eyes (2014) was photographed at the Botanical Garden in Uppsala, Sweden. The images depict figures standing against trees hung with tropical vines. Amongst the vines heavy black cables merge with the existing plant life. We depend on cables MORE INFO >>

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C-print Interview

Behind the scenes interview with C-print

I take C-print behind the scenes of my recent work ”Matador”; a video which allegorizes the fragility of life and which revolves around a vortex of water. The work will be presented at Galleri Andersson Sandström in Stockholm on December 10 as MORE INFO >>

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Soloshow at Andersson/Sandström [Piles of Dreams, 12 Nov-19 Dec]

Galleri Andersson/Sandström is proud to present our first solo exhibition with Maria Friberg. Maria Friberg is part of the generation of artists that came up during the 90’s and was known as ‘the Nordic Miracle’. These artists were given a great deal of MORE INFO >>

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ARTityd teaser, SVT1, UR

ARTityd is a Documentary series on the Swedish Television, SVT1, UR,  about artists in Sweden, the full program about Maria Friberg is Directed by Henrik Ahnborg and broadcasted 18 of November at 22.30, Enyoy!

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