Commission for condominiums in Barkarby, Sweden.

Commission for condominiums in Barkarby, Sweden. Four staiways, each 14 meters high.

Commissions, News, Works | 18-05-02

Commission for Ekängsskolan in Älvsjö

Commission for Ekängsskolan in Älvsjö. Sketches and drawings. Will be completed in 2019.

Commissions, News, Works | 18-04-23

Moved by Life/Rörd av livet, Hammarbygården, Jämjö, Sweden

 Moved by Life/Rörd av livet is a commission made for Hammarbygården, Jämjö in Sweden. It is a retirement home, and the photos in the windows of the entrance can be seen from both the outside and inside. The video Matador is also MORE INFO >>

Commissions, News, Works | 18-04-10

Commission to Honor Erna Hasselblad at Hasseblad Foundation Gothenburg

The video and photograph entitled simply Erna opens with a view of foam waves lapping at the shore. For these works Friberg has chosen a lava sand beach on the coast of Iceland. Often the power of the elements subdues MORE INFO >>

Commissions, News, Works | 14-08-07

Endless limit as a commission for IKEA, Tel Aviv (2007)

Endless limit as a commission for IKEA, Tel Aviv (2007).

Commissions, Works | 07-04-17

Alongside us at Barnängsgatan, Stockholm

Alongside us (2007), commission proposal for a 100 meter long wall, Barnängsgatan, Stockholm.

Commissions, Works | 07-04-17

Embedded in Stockholm (2006)

Embedded in Stockholm 2006. Commission proposal for the subway stop, Skanstull in Stockholm. A 4-channel video installation.

Commissions, Works | 06-04-19

Still lives #3 (2006

Still lives #3 was commissioned for The Royal Institute of Technology’s board room (in Stockholm) Size 3×4 meters.

Commissions, Works | 06-04-18

Columna gummi arabicum (2003)

Columna gummi arabicum. Commission proposal for Cloetta Center sports arena in Linköping, Sweden.

Commissions, Works | 03-04-19

Almost there – in Åland (2003)

Almost there. Proposal for Mariebad public pool in Mariehamn , Åland.

Commissions, Works | 03-04-18