Matador, large video projection 2016


The silent monumental projection of Maria Friberg’s video Matador is otherworldly. Rays of light pierce water as a great vortex takes shape. One is quickly captivated by the spectral dance of drifting garments. In its current, we see a man’s dress shirt. Glowing white, it lingers, eventually receding into shadow until it finally disappears from view. We recognize Friberg’s visual language. She often uses water as a metaphor for the force of nature. In Matador, she goes on to evoke the sublime.

The shirt emptied of a body, is a discarded remnant of a life, or of a time. Like a vanitas, it reminds us of our finite existence. As a result, the absurdity of the shirt becomes apparent. A consequence of consumer culture and fast fashion, it is representative of the millions of tons of waste we discard each year. Here Friberg poses the question, “What legacy will we leave behind?”

Curator Michelle Marie Roy


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