Agents of Change at LMNO, Brussels

[July 2 – August 28, 2021] Agents  of  change  in  social  sciences  are  defined  as  individuals  who  promote  and enable change to happen within a group or organization. Some natural and artificial agents  that  contribute  to  climate  change and to local or global, pervasive phenomena can  be  identified  with  the  same  phrase. People working with a bottom-up approach to  encourage  systemic  change  through actionable,  tangible  improvements  to these polluting situations are also agents of change. This exhibition attempts to identify and display a number of manifestations of apparently insignificant elements, actions, factors,  and  individuals  that  have  led  or could lead to exponentially greater effects. The artworks can then tackle social issues, environmental  challenges,  or  even  very personal inner realities. I’m showing my work Mirroring Nature 20. More info here.