Group Show – Smörgåsbord – September 17 – November 12 – The Bonnier Gallery, Miami

The show “Smörgåsbord” with Maria Friberg and Claes Oldenburg will be shown at The Bonnier Gallery, Miami, Florida September 17 – November 12. In celebration of Miami’s return from summer, “Smörgåsbord” presents a selection photographs by Maria Friberg alongside drawings and sculptures MORE INFO >>

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Group Show – Jardin Experimental, with LMNO Gallery at Bois de Fa, Belgium – June 11-12

Happy to be participating at the group show at Jardin Experimental, with LMNO Gallery in Bois de Fa, Belgium, June 11-12. More info here.

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Group Show – Maria Friberg and Peter Stridsberg – Blicka – Väven, Umeå, June 4 – September 18

There is a particular part of Maria Friberg’s and Peter Stridsberg’s exhibition Blicka that I want to start with, even if it concerns their methods rather than the artworks. After all, the end result and the method are connected in MORE INFO >>

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[Handed 2021]

For Swedes, the forest is still a deep well of meaning and cultural importance. A nation of farmers, we became urbanized late. Even as the suburbs surrounding the major cities were planned, they were placed far apart, with stretches of MORE INFO >>

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Solo show – Force Majeure, opening June 9 at Bendana Pinel, Paris

In her most recent series, Force Majeure, Maria Friberg takes us into a staged world that contains real features. At first the mise-en-scène holds our gaze, then directs it towards the astute transformation of objects into imaginary architecture. Inspired by MORE INFO >>

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Solo Show (with Peter Stridsberg) – Blicka, June 4 – September 18 at Umeå Konsthall, Väven

Maria Friberg och Peter Stridsberg i sommarens utställning i Umeå konsthall. Maria Friberg och Peter Stridsberg, två konstnärer från olika generationer. De arbetar med fotografiska scener som skildrar övergången mellan människa och natur. I den gemensamma utställningen Blicka får vi MORE INFO >>

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Solo Show – To be Handed, April 9 – June at Vida Museum, Öland

Maria Friberg slog igenom med bilder som genom affärsmannens form i relation till vatten, utforskade makt, maskulinitet och människans relation till naturen. Genom att sätta dem i ett möte med ett annat element fördes man in på okänd mark, över MORE INFO >>

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[Oceans and Sea 2021]

Oceans and Seas, edition 2021.

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[Mirroring Nature 2019]

In the series Mirroring Nature, Maria Friberg makes a strong and committed statement and confronts the viewer with his own guilt. The details of the landscapes captured in each work reflect the face of those who approach them. It invites MORE INFO >>

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[Resistance 2018-2019]

Resistance – A porcelain sculpture, 53 cm long [2018-2019]

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