Touring Videoshow with Videogud in Gävleborg, Uppsala, Dalarna, Sweden

The theme for the Spring Tour is choreography of Power. Febr 6-27,2019: Somewhere Else – Maria Friberg March 21 – April 10, 2019: Driven – Monika Larsen Dennis & Maria Friberg Driven Bodies sway, black silhouettes against a white background, MORE INFO >>

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STHLM Forever [Nov 30-Febr 17, 2019] Fotografiska Stockholm

Fotografiska | STHLM Forever Finally, it’s time: Fotografiska’s extensive Stockholm exhibition is here! A group exhibition that has been longed for since Fotografiska opened. As subject matter, Stockholm has great appeal to locals and visitors alike. This city that so MORE INFO >>

News | 18-12-10

Passagen 20 Year [13/10 – Nov 2018 ] Passagen Konsthall, Linköping

100 Artist taking part in this Jubilee Group show at Passagen Konsthall, Linköping, Sweden, Opening 13/10 at 1 PM 100-talet konstnärer ställer ut vid jubileum Det är 20 år sedan Linköpings kommuns konsthall ”Passagen” öppnade dörrarna för sina första utställningar. MORE INFO >>

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In the Permanent Collection of Fotografiska in Stockholm

My photo Changed Position, a large shale work 4 meter high.  It’s made for a stairway,  the location emphasize the feeling of whose on the top in our society, to climb different stairs in life at work and privately .The MORE INFO >>

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Discussion about art and shared economy

Maria is taking part in the discussion about art and shared economy with Moderna Samlare in Almedalen 2018 (in Visby, Gotland), June 4th at 5 PM. More info here (in Swedish).

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Art and Nature [June 2-3] Groupshow

Art and Nature, June 2-3, Location:  3 and 4 Bois de Fa a´1390 Grez-Doiceau, Belgium. Exhibited artists (By LMNO):  Lise DUCLAUX, Angela DETANICO/Rafael LAIN, Lionel ESTEVE, Maria FRIBERG, Aïda Kazarian, ERIC POITEVIN, Mitja TUSEK, Pep VIDAL and le Collectif VOID. Info in french below. MORE INFO >>

News | 18-05-28

‘Mejan 94’ [May 12 – June 16] Groupshow

“Mejan 94”, a reunion groupshow from the Royal Academy of Arts in Stockholm. In times of Spring exhibitions, Domeij Gallery has the great pleasure to introduce a different type of Spring exhibition that we have chosen to call; Mejan-94. Around MORE INFO >>

News | 18-05-07

Commission for condominiums in Barkarby, Sweden.

Commission for condominiums in Barkarby, Sweden. Four staiways, each 14 meters high.

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Bakom Grönskan – Art orientation along Kärleksstigen

[Work in progress] I will participate in a group show in Visby (June-September, 2018) called ‘Bakom Grönskan’. It’s an outdoor exhibition along Kärleksstigen (Love Trail) just outside Visby and is aimed to get people out and experience art while they are doing it. MORE INFO >>

News | 18-04-23

Commission for Ekängsskolan in Älvsjö

Commission for Ekängsskolan in Älvsjö. Sketches and drawings. Will be completed in 2019.

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