[Night Vision 2019]

Maria Friberg explores themes of opposition. In today’s youth, she finds a newfound inner strength, beyond consumerism and empty entertainment. Sometimes, doing nothing, saying nothing, is the best way to achieve change – buy nothing, stop flying, stop fighting other MORE INFO >>

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[Silent Revolution 2019]

Silent Revolution 1, 2019

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[Past Lines 2018]

Past Lines (2018) is a series of 3 photos. The ties are a symbol of Male structures that are now up in the air, a time for change.
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[Distortion 2015]

DEPICTIONS OF CONTEMPORARY LIFE At first glance, Maria Friberg’s works appear to be stagings of fictitious and dreamlike worlds. At the same time, she uses photography – a medium that is closely associated with reality and that is used as MORE INFO >>

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[Piles of Dreams 2015]

The Piles of Dreams series circles the theme of Man’s ruthless exploitation of Planet Earth, but also proposes the notion that Mankind has the possibility to create something beautiful from chaos; something constant from the destructive agenda of our age. MORE INFO >>

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[Days of Eyes 2014]

Days of Eyes (2014) was photographed at the Botanical Garden in Uppsala, Sweden. The images depict figures standing against trees hung with tropical vines. Amongst the vines heavy black cables merge with the existing plant life. We depend on cables MORE INFO >>

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Duration (2012)

A prominent quality of staged photography as a genre is that is often aesthetically pleasing. The beauty attracts our gaze and then reveals stories that are both subversive and ambiguous. The interplay between the beauty and the uncanny element of MORE INFO >>

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The Painting Series (2011)

With my background in a painterly tradition, I have always considered my photographs and videos as still or moving paintings. In this new series, I have approached painting in a more literal and physical way, in regards to the production MORE INFO >>

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Belonging (2011)

In a world defined by consumption, we are what we own. In “Belonging”, we see a small boy sitting on a heap of toys. It is a documentary portrait, in the sense that all the objects are the child’s own, MORE INFO >>

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Transmission (2010)

Transmission is a film and photo project (3.40 min Loop, and four still photograph). I first got the ide when I was living in NYC 2001-2002. Then I just wanted to put a camera in the one of the wholes MORE INFO >>

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