[Piles of Dreams 2015]

The Piles of Dreams series circles the theme of Man’s ruthless exploitation of Planet Earth, but also proposes the notion that Mankind has the possibility to create something beautiful from chaos; something constant from the destructive agenda of our age. The literal piles of “dreams” that Friberg depicts consist of drifts of mundane every-day material such as plastic toys, electrical cables or garbage that either creates a background to a portrait or a solitary suggestive landscape.

“Piles of Dreams can be interpreted as a criticism on superabundance, but I also wish to show a beautiful and abstract picture of the trails we leave behind. Our footprint turns into stories of various existences. Somewhere along the process the actual material transforms and this is what interests me. In addition, I feel a sense of hope, which I wish to convey, even though the vast masses at the recycling centre where barock”. 
Maria Friberg, 2015