[Handed 2021]

For Swedes, the forest is still a deep well of meaning and cultural importance. A nation of farmers, we became urbanized late. Even as the suburbs surrounding the major cities were planned, they were placed far apart, with stretches of MORE INFO >>

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[Oceans and Sea 2021]

Oceans and Seas, edition 2021.

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[Mirroring Nature 2019]

In the series Mirroring Nature, Maria Friberg makes a strong and committed statement and confronts the viewer with his own guilt. The details of the landscapes captured in each work reflect the face of those who approach them. It invites MORE INFO >>

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[Resistance 2018-2019]

Resistance – A porcelain sculpture, 53 cm long [2018-2019]

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Commission for Brynässkolan , Gävle

[Public Commission 2020-2021] Outdoor photographic work on the Brynässkolan school in Gävle on the window section and on the facade of the Sportscenter.The work relates to old maps of the city areas of Gävle and are made of carpets from MORE INFO >>

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ARTityd Maria Friberg

A documentary about Swedish photo and video artist Maria Friberg on the Swedish Public Television, SVT by Henrik Ahnborg (in Swedish).

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[Night Vision 2019]

Maria Friberg explores themes of opposition. In today’s youth, she finds a newfound inner strength, beyond consumerism and empty entertainment. Sometimes, doing nothing, saying nothing, is the best way to achieve change – buy nothing, stop flying, stop fighting other MORE INFO >>

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[Silent Revolution 2019]

Silent Revolution 1, 2019

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Commission at Johan Skytteskolan in Älvsjö, Sweden

Public commission (title Voxel, 2019) by Stockholm Konst and AM Public at Johan Skytteskolan in Älvsjö, Sweden. Photografic part outside 8 meters tall, and a complementary video part inside to create a connection and a movement to the Photos on MORE INFO >>

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Commission for Berzelius school in Linköping, Sweden

Public Commission in the New entrance at Berzelius school in Linköping Sweden 2019, Thanks to Lejonfastigheter and Linköping city. Days of Eyes 1 (400×300 cm) and Days of Eyes 2 (200×90 cm)

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