Commission to Honor Erna Hasselblad at Hasseblad Foundation Gothenburg

The video and photograph entitled simply Erna opens with a view of foam waves lapping at the shore. For these works Friberg has chosen a lava sand beach on the coast of Iceland. Often the power of the elements subdues MORE INFO >>

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Transmission 2010

Transmission video 3 min 40 sec loop The video explores the themes of power, masculinity, the relationship between man and nature and social changes that ensue.  

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Calmation 2012

“Calmation” shows a man floating in a river with strong currents. The man in the video does not attempt to escape into a virtual reality but instead tries to find balance and control in the place where he is. We MORE INFO >>

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Duration (2012)

A prominent quality of staged photography as a genre is that is often aesthetically pleasing. The beauty attracts our gaze and then reveals stories that are both subversive and ambiguous. The interplay between the beauty and the uncanny element of MORE INFO >>

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The Painting Series (2011)

With my background in a painterly tradition, I have always considered my photographs and videos as still or moving paintings. In this new series, I have approached painting in a more literal and physical way, in regards to the production MORE INFO >>

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Photo shoot of ”the painting series”.

Video documentation of the photo shoot of  ”the painting series”. By Mikmos , Magnus Berg. © Maria Friberg

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Belonging (2011)

In a world defined by consumption, we are what we own. In “Belonging”, we see a small boy sitting on a heap of toys. It is a documentary portrait, in the sense that all the objects are the child’s own, MORE INFO >>

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Transmission (2010)

Transmission is a film and photo project (3.40 min Loop, and four still photograph). I first got the ide when I was living in NYC 2001-2002. Then I just wanted to put a camera in the one of the wholes MORE INFO >>

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Way ahead (2009)

Way ahead is a photographic series about how we meet our future. You can neither be in the future nor see the future, but you can have an idea of what the future will bring and see a diffuse picture MORE INFO >>

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Commoncause (2008)

In Commoncause (2008) Friberg looks at the social problems and promise presented by masses of humans without any obvious bodies depicted. She wrapped 300 half-deflated basketballs in black velvet and rolled them down the steps of the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm. MORE INFO >>

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