Erna in the permanent collection of Fotografiska

Maria Friberg Erna 2 February — 17 March, 2016The evocative video piece Erna by Swedish artist Maria Friberg is the latest acquisition to Fotografiska’s permanent collection of photography and video art. The video piece is a tribute to Erna Hasselblad, MORE INFO >>

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[Distortion 2015]

DEPICTIONS OF CONTEMPORARY LIFE At first glance, Maria Friberg’s works appear to be stagings of fictitious and dreamlike worlds. At the same time, she uses photography – a medium that is closely associated with reality and that is used as MORE INFO >>

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[Piles of Dreams 2015]

The Piles of Dreams series circles the theme of Man’s ruthless exploitation of Planet Earth, but also proposes the notion that Mankind has the possibility to create something beautiful from chaos; something constant from the destructive agenda of our age. MORE INFO >>

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[Days of Eyes 2014]

Days of Eyes (2014) was photographed at the Botanical Garden in Uppsala, Sweden. The images depict figures standing against trees hung with tropical vines. Amongst the vines heavy black cables merge with the existing plant life. We depend on cables MORE INFO >>

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ARTityd teaser, SVT1, UR

ARTityd is a Documentary series on the Swedish Television, SVT1, UR,  about artists in Sweden, the full program about Maria Friberg is Directed by Henrik Ahnborg and broadcasted 18 of November at 22.30, Enyoy!

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Documentation of the Public Comission for BRABO at Barkarby, Sweden

This film is a documentary when I did a commission for four stairways, I made four unique photos. The houses are condominiums in Barkarby, Stockholm, Sweden. 2014-2015. Construction Company: BRABO Arcitect: Thomas Eriksson Arkitekter

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Commission to Honor Erna Hasselblad at Hasseblad Foundation Gothenburg

The video and photograph entitled simply Erna opens with a view of foam waves lapping at the shore. For these works Friberg has chosen a lava sand beach on the coast of Iceland. Often the power of the elements subdues MORE INFO >>

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Transmission 2010

Transmission video 3 min 40 sec loop The video explores the themes of power, masculinity, the relationship between man and nature and social changes that ensue.  

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Calmation 2012

“Calmation” shows a man floating in a river with strong currents. The man in the video does not attempt to escape into a virtual reality but instead tries to find balance and control in the place where he is. We MORE INFO >>

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Duration (2012)

A prominent quality of staged photography as a genre is that is often aesthetically pleasing. The beauty attracts our gaze and then reveals stories that are both subversive and ambiguous. The interplay between the beauty and the uncanny element of MORE INFO >>

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