[Silent Revolution 2019]

Silent Revolution 1, 2019

News, Photos, Works | 19-08-12

Commission at Johan Skytteskolan in Älvsjö, Sweden

Public commission (title Voxel, 2019) by Stockholm Konst and AM Public at Johan Skytteskolan in Älvsjö, Sweden. Photografic part outside 8 meters tall, and a complementary video part inside to create a connection and a movement to the Photos on MORE INFO >>

Commissions, News, Works | 19-08-12

Commission for Berzelius school in Linköping, Sweden

Public Commission in the New entrance at Berzelius school in Linköping Sweden 2019, Thanks to Lejonfastigheter and Linköping city. Days of Eyes 1 (400×300 cm) and Days of Eyes 2 (200×90 cm)

Commissions, News, Works | 19-08-12

[Past Lines 2018]

Past Lines (2018) is a series of 3 photos. The ties are a symbol of Male structures that are now up in the air, a time for change.
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News, Photos, Works | 19-08-12

Resistance, The Silent Revolution [May 11-June 22 at BendanaPinel Gallery, Paris]

Resistance:renaissance We live in dangerous and highly polarized times. Sometimes it is hard to find hope. But the seeds for the future grow in the dark, underground. Suddenly, with spring’s first light, they burst out of the fertile ground, full MORE INFO >>

News | 19-03-15

Sports Memories/Idrottsminnen, Konsthall 16 at Riksidrottsmuseet, Stockholm [ Febr 17-May 12]

A new opened Konsthall in Stockholm for the meeting of Art and Sports. In their permanent collection of Tore A Jonasons they added my photo Anywhere and Everywhere and the video commoncause. It’s on view in the show ”Sports Memories” in great company with works by  Ernst Billgren, Lena Cronqvist, Charlotte Gyllenhammar, MORE INFO >>

News | 19-03-14

Publicerat [Febr 8-March 10 2019] Publiched The History of the Photobook in Sweden

Publicerat är den första utställningen som belyser fotobokens historia i Sverige, med de första exemplen från 1860-talet fram till dagens omfattande utgivning. Utställningen innehåller 200 titlar baserade på tre centrala teman inom fotografi:Samhället, Jaget och Bilden. Som del av utställningen ordnas en serie konstnärssamtal, MORE INFO >>

News | 19-03-08

Touring Videoshow with Videogud in Gävleborg, Uppsala, Dalarna, Sweden

The theme for the Spring Tour is choreography of Power. Febr 6-27,2019: Somewhere Else – Maria Friberg March 21 – April 10, 2019: Driven – Monika Larsen Dennis & Maria Friberg Driven Bodies sway, black silhouettes against a white background, MORE INFO >>

News | 19-02-14

STHLM Forever [Nov 30-Febr 17, 2019] Fotografiska Stockholm

Fotografiska | STHLM Forever Finally, it’s time: Fotografiska’s extensive Stockholm exhibition is here! A group exhibition that has been longed for since Fotografiska opened. As subject matter, Stockholm has great appeal to locals and visitors alike. This city that so MORE INFO >>

News | 18-12-10

Passagen 20 Year [13/10 – Nov 2018 ] Passagen Konsthall, Linköping

100 Artist taking part in this Jubilee Group show at Passagen Konsthall, Linköping, Sweden, Opening 13/10 at 1 PM 100-talet konstnärer ställer ut vid jubileum Det är 20 år sedan Linköpings kommuns konsthall ”Passagen” öppnade dörrarna för sina första utställningar. MORE INFO >>

News | 18-10-17