La Lumière Du Nord at Bendana Pinel, Paris

[June 29 – July 31, 2021] Bendana | Pinel Art Contemporain is pleased to present “La Lumière du Nord“, a group exhibition dedicated to Swedish artists, on the occasion of KONSTellation, a contemporary art trail in the Marais organized by the Institut suédois to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Works by emerging or established artists, photography or painting, the proposed pieces testify to the richness of the Swedish art scene. Maria Friberg, Thomas Broomé and Peter Stridsberg express their admiration for light, whether natural, artificial or pictorial, in productions that poetically address the themes of man and nature.

In the series Mirroring Nature, Maria Friberg makes a strong and committed statement and confronts the viewer with his own guilt. The details of the landscapes captured in each work reflect the face of those who approach them. It invites the viewer to appreciate a contrasting nature: sometimes virgin, other times largely destroyed by man. From these photos, cut out like old elegant mirrors, a sensitivity is released, a touch of hope. The disturbing ambiguity of this show calls for meditation on the fate of a threatened nature with which it is time to reconnect. More info here.