You Don’t Love Me Yet at Norrköpings Konstmuseum

[June 4 – August 15, 2021] YOU DON’T LOVE ME YET – MUSEUM MANAGER BIRGITTA FLENSBURG & COLLECTIONS 1987-2003. When art historian Andrea Kollnitz examined the Art Museum’s collection from a gender perspective ten years ago, a change was noticed under Birgitta Flensburg’s leadership. How can that development be understood? Birgitta Flensburg’s leadership also coincides with a turbulent time in Sweden; In 1990, the economic crisis hits, the decision to build the Öresund Bridge is made and racist attacks on refugee camps take place. What stories and imprints can we discern in art during this period? Among the varying expressions and material choices, there are questions about what it means to live together. How can we take care of, understand each other and protect the place we live in? More info here.