In the Permanent Collection of Fotografiska in Stockholm

My photo Changed Position, a large shale work 4 meter high.  It’s made for a stairway,  the location emphasize the feeling of whose on the top in our society, to climb different stairs in life at work and privately .The shirts is a lifetime of shirts and visually becomes a Swedish rug, a woven time.

Depictions of contemporary life

At first glance, Maria Friberg’s works appear to be stage settings of fictitious and dreamlike worlds. At the same time, she uses photography – a medium that is closely associated with reality and that is used as a tool in documentary genres with a social orientation. Maria Friberg’s artistry is characterised precisely by great interest in societal issues and a desire to depict phenomena of contemporary life. Her works tell stories about modern man in a world where the power of nature and culture is severely constrained and where we often are defined by consumption, seduced by endless possibilities and allowed to retain the illusion of power.

Changed Position