Wishes at LMNO in Brussels

 [Jan, 12-31 – March, 2018] Group exhibition ”Wishes” with:
Marcos AVILA FORERO, Michel BLAZY, David BROGNON & Stéphanie ROLLIN, Simona DENICOLAI & Ivo PROVOOST , Angela DETANICO & Rafael LAIN, Lise DUCLAUX, E.D.M., Maria FRIBERG, Hamish FULTON, Cristina GARRIDO,
Pierre GERARD, Pierre Philippe HOFMANN, Aïda KAZARIAN, Sébastien LACOMBLEZ, Adrien LUCCA, Yoann VAN PARYS, Pep VIDAL,

For its first group exhibition LMNO has chosen to question an essential notion in the job of the gallery owner: desire. The burning wishes to share an artistic discovery. Instead of looking for a thematic connecting thread we decided to give way to our desires. The principle is a very simple one: showing what one wishes to show, without any limitation as to style or period. A chief characteristic eventually emerges: that of unhampered pleasure. An almost candid pleasure. Where strategies tend to reign supreme, a wish to advocate enthusiasm, the subjective, the spontaneous. It therefore seemed important to us to proceed by way of unbridled invitations. There will be more works than ever in the gallery space. You will meet the artists that LMNO has been championing, those we have loved for a long time, those we have discovered recently, those whom we don’t represent but who make us think and dream.